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UV Safety

Completely shade the interior of your truck which provides safety from Sun Damage and UVs.

Not Bulky

Easily fold the shadez down into a small bag and pack for complete portability.

Any Truck Make or Model

These shadez are designed for any truck of any size with additional pieces to work on any surface.

No matter what truck you drive Truck N Shadez has been created to work with any Truck make or model, within the United States, and abroad. Truck N Shadez is a patent-pending solution designed by a Trucker, for Truckers, to provide maximum privacy & sun protection within commercial trucks.

Have the latest gear! 

Easy to Use

Never shuffle with that bulky cardboard. Put up, and put away Truck N Shadez in less than a minute.

Safety First

Protecting yourself from the sun can be difficult with cardboard. So we designed Truck N Shadez. Built for protection, built for Truckers.

Works with any Make or Model

Travel with Truck N Shadez to any truck you have to drive. Don't worry, we've tested this to work any truck!

Enjoy complete privacy and safety from the sun's damaging UVs.

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